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Map of Malawi - The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country in southeastern Africa, and the map of Malawi is bordered on the northeast by Tanzania, on the east, south, and west by Mozambique, and on the northwest by Zambia. Tanzania and Mozambique are separated from the map of Malawi by Lake Malawi. The African Great Rift Valley runs through the centre of the map of Malawi from north to south, with Lake Malawi located to the east of the valley. Around the Great Rift Valley are mountainous areas with plateaus rising an average of around 1000 metres above sea level, but with the highest points being over 2400 metres above sea level in the north. To the south of Lake Malawi is the Shire Highlands, which is a gently rolling landscape at about 900 metres above sea level. In this southern area of the map of Malawi, are two major mountain peaks, the Zomba and Mulanje, which rise about 2100 and 3000 metres above sea level, respectively. Malawi's climate ranges from hot in the low-lying south, and temperate in the northern highlands.

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State form:Republic
Language:Chichewa and English
Area:118.480 qkm
Citizens12,90 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+2
Telephone Country Code:+265