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5 Map download
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10 Map download
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20 Map download
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Frequently asked Questions

How do the StepMap logo, watermark and textual copyright notes work?
A Map contains a watermark (the StepMap lettering in the background of the map image). When downloading the map, this watermark disappears automatically. The reason of the watermark in the editor is that unfortunately there are always some people who attempt an illegal screenshot. To prevent this abuse, the watermark is necessary in the editor mode. A Map also contains a StepMap logo (bottom right corner of the Map). This can also be deactivated on request when downloading the Map. When selecting the download package, please select the option "No" under "Copyright Note StepMap Logo" from the price list. A Map also contains the textual reference "Date, 123Map, Natural Earth, OpenStreetMap". Since StepMap partially accesses data from other Map software, that information must be displayed as a small text at the bottom of the Map. This note is legally necessary and can only be deactivated on request and by agreement with StepMap.
Can non-profit associations and educational users use StepMap?
Non-profit organizations can use StepMap on the same terms as business users. Click on "Commercial / Business Use" in the price list to see the prices. Non-profit organizations (such as the Red Cross, Greenpeace, Doctors Without Borders, etc.) also include schools, universities and other educational users. If you are not sure, please contact us.
Which payment options are there?
Payments can be made by credit card, telephone, bank transfer, advance payment and PayPal. You can find the credit card option after you first click on "PayPal" under the payment options and then select a credit card option. Depending on the country of origin of the buyer, the payment options are partially limited. After you have decided on a package, you will receive an invoice as email / PDF. The invoice is also available in the "My Account" area when you are logged in (you will find this in your StepMap profile). For each order of a package you will receive a separate invoice.
How long are download packages valid?
Downloads that you buy are valid for 2 years. This means that if you buy a pack of 10 downloads today, then you must have used up these 10 downloads within 2 years. For example, if you used just 8 downloads of your 10-pack after those 2 years, 2 downloads would expire. The Maps that you download can be used indefinitely though meaning if you download a Map today, then you can use it for any length of time (and thus for more than 2 years).
How can I download a Map?
After creating a Map, you can download it. Simply click on "Download" next to your Map in the "My Maps" area. We count this as one (1) download. If no modifications are made, the Map can be downloaded again at any given time without any extra costs. However, if you edit an existing Map and then want to download it again it will be counted as a new download and thus charged as such. In other words: You can download the same unmodified Map as often as you like but as soon as you edit the Map and then want to download it again it will use up one more download credit.
How big can a Map be printed?
The maximum size of a Map is 3,000 x 3,000 pixels. This can be printed up to a DIN A4 (US letter) size. Depending on the printed product, different qualities are achieved. Please contact us if you have further questions.
My questions were not answered - what to do now?
It can of course happen that a specific question wasn’t answered here. Please contact us in this case, we will discuss the situation together.
Can the StepMap logo be removed?
Business users can choose between the "with logo" and "without logo" version of a Map. Please click on the "yes /no" button in the price list to toggle between the two options. The price difference will show up accordingly.
Can the StepMap logo be removed?
As a private user, it is not allowed to remove or cover the StepMap logo from the Map.
How safe is my personal data with StepMap?
Your personal data is safe with StepMap and will not be shared with any other party. Please also refer to our privacy policy for further details.
What prices and licenses are available for third party service providers such as graphic design agencies or freelance designers working as a contractor for someone else?
If you want to create Maps for a third party (e.g. you are a graphic designer and your client has asked you to create Maps for them) please choose the "business" download option. As long as you only create and download Maps for one (1) client no further license is required and the costs are exactly the same as if you would use the Maps for yourself. However, if you plan to create Maps for multiple clients please contact us first to discuss a suitable license.
Can Map download purchases be refunded?
If you have purchased a Map download package (e.g. 10 Maps) but later change your mind and only need some of those Maps we can’t do a refund, neither partially or in full. Please consider how many Maps you need before you purchase a certain Map download package. If in doubt, start with a smaller package and then order another one. Refunding and/or transfer of download credits to another StepMap account is not possible.
Can Maps be used for photo books?
Maps can be used in high resolution for photo books. Please check beforehand with the photobook provider which formats are accepted (file format and size). If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.
I need an individual package or a lot of Maps - are there any special conditions available?
If your request does not fall into one of the standard download packages, please contact us. We will happily offer you an individual package and special conditions upon request.