What is StepMap?
StepMap is a web-based Map-Editor. You don't Need to download or install anything to use it, you can create your Maps directly in your browser. The Editor is built in a way that allows you to create Maps without any technical or graphic design expert skills. Despite the simplicity of use the customization options are endless and allow you to create high quality Maps for your web and print Projects.
Where is StepMap located?
StepMap is registered and located in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2009 by Veit Spiegelberg, Ole Brandenburg and Thomas Gottfried. All contact details including company address, phone numbers and email addresses can be found here.
How does StepMap work?
Please check out our help videos, which explain how StepMap works and how to best utilize all options to create high quality Maps.

Who can use StepMap?
StepMap caters to all users in need of Maps, such as the travel and tourism industry (e.g. travel agents and tour operators), newspapers and publishers, education and research, logistic companies, real estate companies, non-profit organisations and last but not least private users.
How much does it cost to use StepMap?
Signing up and creating Maps is free for all users. Please note though that when using the Maps (downloading them, adding them to your website or print products) a license fee is required based on whether you are private or business user. We generally define a private user as someone who would for example create a Map for a private holiday trip and then add this to their personal Blog or print it out for personal use. Another example of a private user would be a person creating a Map to print it out for educational purposes (e.g. a blank Map of Europe to name all the countries). A business user is defined as any person or company using Maps in a professional or business-related context, for example as part of a business presentation, a brochure production, for print (e.g. newspaper, book, flyer etc.) and generally any purpose that is not clearly a private use. prices for each group are listed here.
How may I use the Maps?
Depending on the type of use (private or business) we differentiate between how you may use the Maps. If you are a private user you may only use the Maps for private purposes, e.g. your own and personal website, to print out a Map at home or as part of a personal photo-book that you are creating. If you are a business user you may use the Maps in all media (web, print, mobile) after purchasing them. You will find the price list for private and business use here. Please note that reselling the Maps to a third party is not allowed.
We are a design-agency and create Maps for our clients - can we purchase these Maps from StepMap and then pass them on to our clients?
If you only use the Maps for one (1) of your clients that's fine. If it's two (2) or more clients, then this is not allowed without a special agreement between you and StepMap. In this case please contact us.
What kind of features does StepMap offer?
StepMap allows you to create fully customized Maps. You can set all parameters individually regardless of whether you want to create a world Map with countries highlighted in different colours or if you want to create detailed city Map with streets and buildings. With a few clicks you can adjust and customize everything, and you can include interactive elements such as links, popup info-boxes, images and videos.
What's the file format of the Maps?
You can download the Maps in JPG and PNG format up to 5000 x 5000 pixels. You can also copy and paste a HTML embed code if you want to use the Maps in interactive format for your website.
Can Maps be printed?
Yes, they can. The maximum download size is 5000 x 5000 pixels which allows you a high quality when printing.
Can I Import my own data (KML, GPX, CSV) into Maps?
Not yet but we're working on it. We offer a GPX import for a different Map software from StepMap. Please contact us for this to discuss and give you access to a trial version.
Who can see my Maps?
It's up to you to decide whether you want others to be able to see your Maps or not. As the creator of the Maps you can change the visibility status of them at any time. The two options are "listed" and "unlisted"". Listed refers to your Maps being visible in the StepMap directory. Unlisted refers to your Maps being invisible to other users and search engines.
Can I edit my Maps and modify them?
Yes, you can login to your StepMap account and then either create new Maps or edit and modify your existing Maps.
Can I upload my own images as icons to be placed on the Maps?
Yes, you can. You will find more information about how to do so here.
Can I create templates so that all my Maps are based on the same color theme and level of detail?
Yes, the creation of templates allows you to specify parameters permanently (e.g. colours of land and water, the Map's level of detail, the usage of icons and symbols, the font style and much more). So, when you create a new Map you can decide whether to use a template to start with or create a new Map entirely from scratch.
Can I delete my Maps?
Yes. Please note that Maps that have been deleted can't be restored.
Can I delete my StepMap account?
Yes, you can anytime. As part of your account deletion all your Maps will also be deleted, and they can’t be restored.
Can I share my StepMap account with others?
Yes. However, please note that anyone who's logged into your account can create, edit or delete Maps. So please make sure that when you share your login and password with another person that such person knows how to properly use StepMap.
Can I switch my StepMap account from private use to business use and vice versa?
No. Please decide upon signing up with StepMap in which way you would like to use the Map editor. You will find more information regarding the differentiation of the type of usage here.
Are non-profit users and educational users (students, teachers, research etc.) allowed to use StepMap?
Yes. When first signing up with StepMap you will have to select either a private or commercial use. We classify all users with a non-profit background as well as educational users (teachers, students, etc.) as business users. Therefore, please choose the option business user when you first sign up with StepMap. If unsure, please contact us.