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Map of Malaysia - The map of Malaysia depicts a country in southeast Asia that shares land borders with Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei, and maritime borders with Singapore, Vietnam, and the Phillipines. The map of Malaysia is separated by the South China Sea into the similarly-sized regions of Malaysian Borneo and Peninsular Malaysia, and it is also divided politically into 13 states, and 3 federal territories. Both main Malaysian regions have a similar geography, with coastal plains that rise to more central hills and mountain ranges, which are heavily forested. These mountain ranges are mostly composed of granitic and other igneous rocks, and the erosion of these igneous mountains has produced a karst landscape. The southernmost tip of continental Asia is located within the map of Malaysia in the southern state of Johor. Around the two halves of the map of Malaysia are located a number of islands, and the climate is mostly equatorial, with monsoon rains, and a moderating effect of the surrounding oceans. The highest mountains in Malaysia form the border with Indonesia.

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State form:Federal Monarchy
Capital:Kuala Lumpur
Area:329.758 qkm
Citizens27,73 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+8
Telephone Country Code:+60