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Map of Kazakhstan - The Republic of Kazakhstan is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and the map of Kazakhstan is bordered, clockwise from the north, by Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, with borders also on the Caspian Sea. With parts of the map of Kazakhstan located on both sides of the Ural River, Kazakhstan is the only landlocked country on two continents, and is also the largest landlocked country in the world. The terrain rises west to east from the Caspian Sea to the Altay Mountains, and from north to south from the plains Western Siberia, to the oases and deserts of central Asia. One third of the country consists of the Kazakh Steppe, or plain, which is characterized by large areas of grassland with some sandy areas, and which is the world's largest dry steppe region. The climate of Kazakhstan is continental, with warm summers and colder winters, and with semi-arid to arid precipitation levels. The map of Kazakhstan is divided into 14 provinces, which are subdivided into districts, as well as two city-states and Baikonur city which is under lease to Russia. Kazakhstan is very ethnically and culturally diverse, mostly due to deportation of various groups to this area during the Soviet rule of Josef Stalin.

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State form:Republic
Language:Kasachian and Russian
Area:2.724.900 qkm
Citizens15,23 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+4 bis +6
Telephone Country Code:+7