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Map of Cambodia - The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located in the south of the Indochina Peninsula in southeast Asia. The map of Cambodia is bordered in the northwest by Thailand, by Laos in the northeast, in the east by Vietnam, and in the southwest by the Gulf of Thailand. The landscape of the map of Cambodia is characterized by a low-lying central plain that is surrounded by low mountains and uplands, and that includes the Tonle Sap or Great Lake, as well as the upper reaches of the Mekong River delta. Extending outward from the central region of the map of Cambodia are thinly forested transitional plains that rise to about 200 metres above sea level. To the north of this Cambodian plain stands a sandstone escarpment that forms a southward-facing cliff that extends west to east for more than 320 kilometres, and rises from 180 to 550 metres above the plain. The Tonle Sap or Great Lake is probably the most distinctive geographical feature. It is located in the northwest central part of the map of Cambodia, this lake/river system changes dramatically in size over the seasons, with a size of about 2600 square kilometres in the dry season, to almost 25 000 square kilometres in the rainy season. The map of Cambodia is politically divided into 24 provinces, including the capital, while these provinces are subdivided into 159 districts, and 26 municipalities.

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State form:Constitutional Monarchy
Capital:Phnom Penh
Area:181.040 qkm
Citizens14,50 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+7
Telephone Country Code:+855