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Map of Belgium - The map of the Kingdom of Belgium depicts a western European country which straddles the cultural boundary of Germanic and Latin Europe. Culturally, the map of Belgium can be divided into the Dutch-speaking northern Flemish or Flanders Region, and the southern French-speaking region of Wallonia, with the Brussels-Capital Region an officially bi-lingual, but mostly French-speaking enclave within the Flemish Region. There is also a small German-speaking community in eastern Wallonia. The map of Belgium shares borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, and it can be divided politically into the three regions of Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels, the first two of which are sub-divided into 10 provinces. Geographically, the map of Belgium can be divided into three main regions: the Anglo-Belgian Basin, which consists of the coastal plain in the northwest and the central plateau; the Hercynian orogenic (or mountain-building) belt, which includes the Ardennes uplands in the southeast; and the Paris Basin is a small region at the southermost tip of the map of Belgium. The climate of Belgium is maritime temperate, with significant precipitation in all seasons. One thing Belgians are known for is their beer, which is enjoyed throughout the world.

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State form:Parliamentary Monarchy
Language:Dutch, English and German
Area:30.528 qkm
Citizens10,66 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+1
Telephone Country Code:+32