Created: 14.02.2019

For Summative

JERUSALEMRomeConstantinopleViennaGenoaParisTripoliEdessaAntiochAcreNicaeaBariBoullionMainzToulouseLyonBrundisiumDoryleaumMEDITTEREANEAN SEABLACK SEA KingdomofFrance NormanPrincipalities Kingdomof Hungary Kingdom of Croatia P. of Serbia Kingdom of PolandRussiaByzantine Empire Kingdom of EnglandCaliphate of CairoDominions of the Almoravids Dominions of the Seljuk Turks Kingdom of Castile Kingdom of Navarre Kingdom of Aragon County of Barcelona States of the Church Dominion of Northern Tribes(Petchenegs and Khazars)
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