About us – Step by Step

Maps are one the world's oldest tools to communicate. They contain information that can be understood across borders of language, culture or age. Today, a world without Maps is hard to imagine. Maps are used everywhere: at schools, in the news, in travel & leisure, for statistical or demographical purposes, on the Web, on TV, mobile devices or Print. StepMap enables you to create your very own and customized Map based on your needs and a topic of your choice. You can change the design, level of detail and content. Finally, StepMap offers the option to export a Map to a web site, a mobile device orfor print purposes (high resolution).

StepMap enables you to create personal, interactive and individual maps for topics of your choice. You can add various pieces of information such as images, videos, descriptions, audio files and more to any location on the map. Routes can be added, areas marked and icons placed.

Travelers, teachers, tourist agencies, roleplayers, students and journalists - they all use maps in their daily work and life. It could be for describing your latest holiday route, a news story or simply to visualize information that's interesting to you and your friends or colleagues.

With StepMap you can creates Maps based on your needs and based on your design and content choices.

  • Why read out of date travel guides if you can get first hand, personal travel reports with a detailed map?
  • Why use various media formats to describe a trip instead of using a map as the central piece and adding images, descriptions and videos?
  • Why use a green map if my favourite colour is red?
  • Why do I need a detailed street-level map if I only want to describe an overview map of my South America trip?
  • Why use a standard map if a personal news map is much better suited to describe the story or news article?
  • Why not add some icons and graphics to my personal role-playing map for the next fantasy convention?

StepMap enables you to use maps in a way to be the central piece of all information and a creative instrument to express your personal ideas. Show us your world by creating your personal map.

Your StepMap Team