2nd April 2021

Dear StepMap User,

When StepMap launched in 2009 we never imagined a time like today, facing a global pandemic. We think none of you did either. We started with a simple idea: Develop a Map Tool that allows everyone to create customized Maps, especially those who don’t have programming or graphic design expert skills.

And while that idea sounds simple, the actual technology behind it was and is not. With each year we saw our user base grow, not only regarding where our users came from (we started in Germany with just a German site) but also in terms of the type of users. Today, we offer StepMap in three versions (English, German and French) and are used across many fields (newspapers, educational institutions, tourism companies, statistical analysis and research, real estate companies, and private users who create Maps for their photo-books and so on).

However, as we look back on lots of ups and downs, never was there a time like the past year that had such a massive impact on each and every one of us. And by the looks of it this situation will remain for at least the foreseeable future. We wondered how we can contribute in our own way to make things a little better.

Small and medium sized businesses as well as private users are affected most severely by this crisis, and since we see ourselves as part of this group, we have decided to offer a free Map download for everyone who purchases a Map package. This applies to all users, regardless of whether you use the Maps for your private or commercial purposes, regardless of whether you want to download a single Map or need a lot more, from today until 10th May 2021 every purchase of a Map package will automatically get a free download.

Stay safe!

Kind regards
Your StepMap-Team