Created: 02.02.2010

I went traveling in the USA in 2008. The major cities I have been too are shown on the map. The highlight was clearly Las Vegas and the Rocky Mountains. And although it rained almost the whole time when I was in Seattle, I still liked the city a lot. Los Angeles on the other hand was tough. I have never seen so much concrete my whole life. And streets (8 lanes?) everywhere. Why so many people go there, I cannot understand. If I was rich (and/or famous) I'd rather go to San Francisco or New York. The comon prejudice of Americans being a bit self centered and close minded seems strange to me. Sure, you'll find your stereotypical "yeah, I was like so awsome..." people but most of the people I met where nice and helpful. I recommend that you visit the place sometime. Now that the Dollar is weak, it's probably also not really that expensive as it used to be 20 years ago. Oh, and if you drop by Denver go and see a Nuggets (NBA) game. Lots of fun, great show.

Map Image: My USA Trip
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