Created: 13.02.2014

Sunday to Tuesday, March 09 to 11            US to Turkey then to (Basra) Iraq   Wednesday, March 12            Basra to Ur to Nasiriya   Thursday, March 13             Nasiriya and the Marshes   Friday, March 14                   Nasiriya to Tello & Lagash   Saturday, March 15              Nasiriya to URUK to Najaf   Sunday, March 16                 Najaf to Il Kifl, Kufa & back   Monday, March 17                Najaf to Babylon to Karbala   Tuesday, March 18                           Karbala to Ukhaider to Baghdad   Wednesday, March 19          Baghdad to Samarra and back   Thursday, March 20                         Baghdad   Friday, March 21                   Baghdad to Ctesiphon   Saturday, March 22              Baghdad to Erbil   Sunday, March 23                 Erbil to Duhok   Monday, March 24                Duhok to Rawanduz   Tuesday, March 25               Rawanduz to Suleymania Wednesday, March 26          Suleymania   Thursday, March 27             Suleymania to Erbil   Friday, March 28                   Erbil to the US

Map Image: Iraq
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