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Ch'ang-an (Xi'an)Gupta EmpireArabiaRome<br>Kingdom of Askum<br>China<br><br>Arabian SeaBay of BengalPersian GulfCaspian SeaAdulisDongson Drum<br>Chhien Han SuHistory by HerodotusKey Cloth<br><br> Ivory<br><br> Grain<br><br> Spices<br><br> Silk Road<br><br> <br> Use stars, boats, <br>and camels<br>for navigationRome Rome had a great farming<br> but the rich yearned for luxury items <br> such as gold and metals.<br> Had ships for trading which helped them<br> get the luxurius to improve their way of lifeChinaMade silk which was<br>cherished by Europeans <br>because it was <br>soft, and suitable for<br>different climates. So they <br>traded silk for goods that<br> were not available on <br> their lands like horses,<br> and gold. <br>kingdom of AksumIt was positioned near the coast <br>and was the closest part of Africa<br>to Asia. They traded for thing they <br>lacked since they were a desert.
Map Image: Indian trade map
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