Created: 16.01.2019

The trade routes around the Indian Ocean.

Muziris Ch"ang-an Adulis Luoyang Taxila Merv Herat Sopatma Nanhai Takkola Oc Eo Pattala Omana Charax Tyre Rome Carthage Greece Gupta EmpireChinaPersiaKingdom<br>of <br>AksumArabiaRoman EmpireCloth, Silk and Spices Cloth, Ivory, Grains, Metal, <br>Precious stones, Silk and SlavesCloth, Ivory, Metal, Slaves, <br>Spices and Animal shellsCloth, Ivory, Metal, Precious Metals,<br>Slaves, Animal shells and SpicesPrecious Metals, Metals, Spices and ClothGrainn, Olive Oil, Slaves, Wine,<br> Metals, Textiles, Wild Animals<br>Key= Trade <br>Route= City= Trade ItemsAquaductsStepwellsGreat Wall of ChinaQanatPapyrus
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