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Arabia, the Kingdom of Aksum, the Han Dynasty, the Gupta Empire, Persia

Alexandria AelanaArabia Nanhai Luoyang Ch'ang-an Takkola Oc Eo Sopatma Muziris Adulis Omana Tyre AntiochFishing boatsKamalPhoenician ShipsCamel SaddleNavigation by Polaris Sabaean Bronze Bull Egyptian Faience Bowl Obelisk of Shalamaneser III Kushan Gold Coin The Dongson DrumKingdom of AksumPersia Ctesiphon Barbaricum Barygaza Pataliputra Herat MervGupta EmpireHan Dynasty Tyre Gaza Cane Pattala Omana Harmozia Persepolis Charax Ecbatana Taxila Pataliputra Red SeaArabian SeaBay of<br>BengalCaspian<br>SeaYangtze R.Yellow R.Ganges R.Indus R.Euphates R.Tigris R.Persian GulfKeyBlack Lines: Trade routes<br>Blue words: Bodies of water<br>Red lines: Han Dynasty<br>Orange lines: Kingdom of Aksum<br>Green lines: Arabia<br>Pink lines: Gupta Empire<br>Blue lines: Persia<br>Black location icons: Cities<br>Yellow icons: Trading goods<br>Purple squares w/ words: Important objects<br>Red flag: Transportation<br>Goods Key:TimberTourtoise ShellsClothPrecious StonesMetalIvorySlavesSpicesSilkGrainKingdom of Aksum:Goods were traded in this kingdom <br>through major waterways, such as the <br>Nile River and the Red Sea. The kingdom <br>benefitted from their trade by having access<br> to other cultures because they took aspects <br>of the Roman and Arabian cultures.ArabiaGoods were traded using camel caravans. The<br>trade of Goods benefitted Arabia by making it<br>incredibly wealthy. Cetain very expensive<br>spices that go into perfumes were only found<br>in Arabia, making them very expensive and<br>valuable. Arabia also traded lots of jewels,<br>which would also make them wealthy.PersiaPersia traded by using their many roads and <br>trade routes. The region benefitted from the <br>trade of goods because their goods brought <br>them A LOT of wealth. the government was<br>also very good about maintaining and managing <br>their wealth.Gupta EmpireIn the Gupta Empire, expensive goods were traded<br>by sea, and less expensive items were traded on land,<br>some of the trade being within the Empire. The trade<br>of goods benefits the empire because while expensive<br>goods were being traded with other regions, less<br>expensve goods would be sold and traded at markets<br>throughout the Empire. In doing this, the Gupta Empire<br>would expand economically, and at the same time<br>be providing for and taking care of it's citizens.Indus R.
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