Created: 28.08.2023

Generic Destination Map for 2025 Water: #acd6f2, R-172, G-214, B-242 Land: #d4dbe0, R-212, G-219, B224 Non Area Land: #abb8bf, R-171, G-184, B-191 Rules: #878787,R-135, G-135, B-135, size 1, Bullet burgundy: #9B2743, R-155, G-39, B-67

AthensCrete (Heraklion)JerashPetraAqabaThebes (Luxor)HurghadaAlexandriaGizaSafagaAmmanAin SokhnaEGYPTGulf of AqabaNile RiverSuez CanalValley of the QueensValley of the KingsRed SeaGREECEWadiRumJORDANMediterraneanSea
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