Created: 25.01.2012

The tulip may have originated in Turkey but it found its home in Amsterdam! The tulip bulb reached The Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The Flower and bulb were thought to be so special that a lively trade arose quite quickley. In 1634 there was one single bulb that was so expensive, a whole canalside house in Amsterdam costed the equivalent. In 1937 the government too the speculation in hand and the bulbs dropped in price drastically making the bulb and flower the norm. Today Aalsmeer controls a market share of 44% for the turn over of bulb and tulip flowers. The route leads through vast fields of tulips. You will of course visit the famous 32 hectares' park The Keukenhof, where you can admire the wonderfully colorful fields with flowering bulbs in peace and quiet. What better way to explore this region than the Dutch way...from the water and from the saddle! You spend the nights on a comfortable sailing ship: a floating hotel.

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