Created: 05.07.2013

This active trip to southern Greenland and Disko Bay takes you beyond the Arctic frontier to discover the Illulissat Glacier and the Inuit people's home with their traditional lifestyle and ongoing adaptation to an icy and often harsh environment. Fly to Narsarsuaq to explore the fjords of southern Greenland. Highlights include a helicopter ride over the Inland Ice Cap, an ice crampon hike on one of the oldest ice fields on the planet, and hiking in the beautiful tundra and valleys. Gain firsthand knowledge of the Inuits' home, the history of the first European settlers, and the many outstanding natural features of this unique and seldom-visited land. Nowhere is the impact of global warming more evident; your trip will include direct observation of the evidence. Continue your adventure exploring Ilulissat and Disko Bay. There are icebergs all year round that are products of the mighty and most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. The Ilulissat Glacier and the surrounding area of natural beauty is included on the World Heritage list. Ask about including different levels of activities on your departure. As you fly from Iceland to Narsarsuaq and on to Ilulissat, be prepared to be flexible as flights and travel in Greenland, are very dependent on the weather.

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