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Map of Sri Lanka - The map of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka comprises an island located in the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in south Asia. The map of Sri Lanka shares maritime borders with India to the northwest, across the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait, and with Maldives to the southwest. Sri Lanka was once known as Ceylon, and was long an important stop on the Silk Road, as well as the historic centre of the Buddhist religion, as it was the first place in which the teachings were written down. Hindu mythology reports that a land bridge once stretched between the Indian mainland and the island of Sri Lanka; and we see evidence of this in a remaining chain of limestone shoals that remain above sea level in the Gulf of Mannar, and that remained passable by foot until around 1480, when cyclones deepened the channel. The terrain of the map of Sri Lanka is mostly flat to rolling coastal plains, with mountains rising in the south central part of the island. The climate is mostly tropical, humid, and warm, with distinct monsoon winds and rains.

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Sri Lanka

State form:Republic
Language:Sinhala and Tamil
Area:65.610 qkm
Citizens20,22 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+5,5
Telephone Country Code:+94