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Map of Niger - The Republic of Niger is a landlocked country in western Africa, and the map of Niger is bordered on the north by Algeria and Libya, in the east by Chad, by Benin and Nigeria to the south, and to the west by Mali and Burkina Faso. Over 80 percent of the land area of the map of Niger is dominated by the Sahara Desert. Most of the population of Niger is clustered in the south and west portion of the map of Niger. The majority of the non-desert portion of the country is threatened by periodic drought, and desertification, and the economy centres on subsistence farming in the more fertile south. The lowest point in the country is the Niger River, from which the country takes its name, while the highest point is in the Air Mountains in the north of the map of Niger, within the Sahara Desert. The climate is mostly very hot and dry, but there is a small pocket of tropical climate in the extreme south around the Niger River Basin. The terrain of the map of Niger is predominantly desert plains and sand dunes, with flat or rolling savanna in the south, and hills in the north.

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State form:Presidential Republic
Area:1.267.000 qkm
Citizens13,00 Mio.
Currency:CFA-Franc BCEAO
Time Zone:GMT+1
Telephone Country Code:+227