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Map of Morocco - The Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in northwestern Africa, on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. The map of Morocco is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in the north, with Spain located just across the Strait of Gibraltar. On the east, Algeria borders the map of Morocco, while on the south is Western Sahara, a disputed region that Morocco administers as the Southern Provinces. To the west of the map of Morocco is the Atlantic Ocean. A significant portion of the map of Morocco is made up of mountainous terrain; with the Atlas Mountains in the centre and south of the country, and the Rif Mountains in the north. The majority of the southern portion of the country is within the Sahara Desert, and most of the population and arable land is located to the north of the Rif Mountain range, along the coastline. Like its eastern neighbour, the Moroccan territory has been administered by many empires through the ages, including the Numidians, Carthaginians and Romans.

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State form:Constitutional Monarchy
Area:446.550 qkm
Citizens32,00 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT
Telephone Country Code:+212