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Map of Mali - The map of the Republic of Mali depicts a landlocked country in western Africa that is bordered in the north by Algeria, in the east by Niger, in the south by Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire, in the southwest by Guinea, and in the west by Senegal and Mauritania. The map of Mali consists of eight regions, and one district, which are the political divisions of the country; from the north which reaches deep into the Sahara Desert, to the southern, more densely populated region featuring the Niger and Senegal Rivers. The terrain of the map of Mali is dominated by the south Sahara Desert, and is mostly flat, rising to rolling northern plains covered by sand, with minimal mountains in the northeast. The climate of Mali ranges from tropical in the south, to arid in the north.

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State form:Semi Presidential Republic
Area:1.240.192 qkm
Citizens12,30 Mio.
Currency:CFA-Franc BCEAO
Time Zone:GMT
Telephone Country Code:+223