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Map of Hungary - Hungary is a parliamentary republic, and landlocked country located in central Europe, within the Carpathian Basin. The map of Hungary is bordered by Slovakia to the north, by Romania and Ukraine to the east, by Croatia and Serbia to the south, by Slovenia in the southwest, and by Austria to the west. More than half of the landscape of the map of Hungary is made up of flat to rolling plains of the Pannonian Basin, which includes the Great, and the Little Hungarian Plains, located in the west and the southeast, respectively. Transdanubia is a primarily hilly region varied by low mountains. The highest mountains within the country are located in the Carpathians, and are known as the North Hungarian Mountains, and are located within a wide band of the border of Slovakia with the map of Hungary. The Danube is the major river in Hungary, and it divides the map of Hungary in two. Hungary has a continental climate, with hot summers, and cold winters. Politically, the map of Hungary is divided into 19 counties, with the capital of Budapest independent from county administration.

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State form:Republic
Area:93.036 qkm
Citizens10,03 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+1
Telephone Country Code:+36