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Map of Guinea - The Republic of Guinea is a country in west Africa, and was formerly known as French Guinea. The map of Guinea forms a crescent shape as it curves from its western border on the Atlantic Ocean towards the east and south, and it shares a northern border with Senegal, Mali, and Guinea-Bissau, and a southern border with Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire. The source of the Niger River is also located within the map of Guinea, in the Guinea Highlands in the southeast. The map of Guinea is geo-politically divided into eight administrative regions, which are further sub-divided into 33 prefectures. The map of Guinea depicts a country that is roughly the size of the United Kingdom in area, and it is divided geographically into four main regions: the Basse-Coté lowlands, the cooler, mountainous Fouta Djallon that run roughly north-south through the centre of the map of Guinea, the Sahelian Haute-Guinea in the northwest, and forested jungle regions in the southeast.

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State form:Military Dictatorship
Area:245.857 qkm
Citizens9,69 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT
Telephone Country Code:+224