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Map of Guatemala - The Republic of Guatemala is a country located in Central America, and the map of Guatemala is bordered in the north and west by Mexico, in the northeast by Belize, in the east by the Caribbean, in the southeast by Honduras and El Salvador, and in the southwest by the Pacific Ocean. The map of Guatemala is divided politically into 22 departments, and further sub-divided into 334 municipalities. The terrain of the map of Guatemala is primarily mountainous, with small desert and sand dune patches, and hilly valleys. Two mountain chains enter the map of Guatemala from west to east, and these mountains divide the map of Guatemala into three major regions. These three regions are the highlands, where the mountains are located, the Pacific coast, to the south of the mountains, and the Peten lowlands to the north of the mountains, which is comparitively sparsely populated. The three regions vary in climate, landscape, and elevation, ranging from the hot, humid tropical lowlands, to the colder, drier highland peaks.

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State form:Republic
Area:121.127 qkm
Citizens12,73 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT-6
Telephone Country Code:+502