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Map of France - The map of the French Republic depicts a relatively large, almost hexagonal-shaped (it is sometimes referred to as l'Hexagone, or the Hexagon) country in Western Europe. France, like the UK, has a number of territories overseas, due to the colonial, empire-building period of its history. The map of France is comprised of a wide variety of landscapes, and the climate is mostly temperate. In the north and west of the map of France, the landscape is one of coastal plains, while in the southeast the large mountain range of the Alps forms a border with Italy. In the southwest the Pyrenees Mountain range forms a border with Spain, and in the south-central part of the map of France is located the Massif Central, a highland region of mountains, volcanoes, and plateaus.

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State form:Republic
Area:674.843 qkm
Citizens65,07 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT+1
Telephone Country Code:+33