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Europe, also called the old continent, contains some of the world's smallest countries such as Andorra, Liechtenstein or Vatican City but also some of the world's strongest economies such as Germany, France, the Netherlands or Great Britain. In terms of size it's the second smallest continent, in terms of population however it's the second biggest. Climate zones range from some of the world's coldest regions (northern Norway) to some of the sunniest in southern Portugal, Spain, Cyprus or Turkey. The new world was explored from formerly powerful nations during the colonial age: Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, France and Great Britain. Europa was also the staging ground for some of the most violent and cruel periods (world war 1 and 2) and underwent many changes in political systems and religion. The only country in Europe that still has the same borders today as it did 500 years ago is Portugal, while all other nations went through changes in recent history.

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