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Map of Ecuador - The Republic of Ecuador, or "Republic of the Equator" is a country located in South America, and the map of Ecuador is bordered by Colombia in the north, by Peru on the east and south, and by the Pacific Ocean on the west. The map of Ecuador is divided politically into 24 provinces, and the territory includes the Galapagos Islands, the site of Charles Darwin's famous voyage of discovery which lead to his postulation of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Geographically, the map of Ecuador can be divided into 3 regions, plus an insular Pacific Ocean region, which is home to the Galapagos Islands. The other 3 mainland regions are: La Costa, or the lowland coastal region on the west coast, including the Pacific coastline; La Sierra, or the highland Andes Mountain range and other high-altitude terrain running down the centre of the map of Ecuador from north to south; and La Amazonia, or the eastern region which is dominated by the Amazon rainforest, and which is sparsely populated, despite comprising about half of the country's total land area.

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State form:Republic
Area:256.370 qkm
Citizens13,55 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT-5
Telephone Country Code:+593