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Map of Colombia - The map of the Republic of Colombia depicts a South American country which is located in the northwestern part of the continent. The map of Colombia is bordered in the northwest by Panama, in the north by the Caribbean Sea, in the east by Brazil and Venezuela, in the south by Ecuador and Peru, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean. The map of Colombia can be divided into 5 main geographical regions: the Andes Mountain range region, the Pacific Coastal region, the Caribbean Sea coastal region, the Llanos (plains) region, and the Amazon Rainforest region. The map of Colombia is situated within the Pacific Ring of Fire, which makes it susceptible to earthquakes and volcanoes. The major urban centres in Colombia are located within the mountainous Andes region. Also part of Colombian territory are a number of Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

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State form:Republic
Capital:Bogot, D.C.
Area:1.138.748 qkm
Citizens41,97 Mio.
Time Zone:GMT-5
Telephone Country Code:+57