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Map of Belarus - The Republic of Belarus is a landlocked eastern European country which was a member of the former USSR. The map of Belarus is bordered by Russia to the northeast, Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest, Ukraine to the south, and Poland to the west. Over 40 percent of the land area of the map of Belarus is forested, while the majority of the population lives in urban cities, like the capital at Minsk. Many streams and lakes are found on the map of Belarus, and the climate features mild to cold winters, and cool and moist summers, and is considered in a transitional zone between continental and maritime climates. Politically, the map of Belarus is divided into six regions that are named after the cities which serve as their administrative centres. Topographically, the map of Belarus is generally flat, but that is broken by the Belarusian Range that runs diagonally across the country from southwest to northeast. Northern Belarus is comprised of hilly landscapes with many lakes, and gently sloping ridges formed by glacial debris.

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State form:Republic
Area:207.595 qkm
Citizens9,84 Mio.
Currency:Belarus Ruble
Time Zone:GMT+2
Telephone Country Code:+375