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Map of Argentina - The map of the Argentine Republic depicts a country in southern South America that is divided into 23 provinces, and the autonomous city and capital of Buenos Aires. The map of Argentina is bordered by Chile in the west and south, by Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast, and by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north. To the east and south, the country is situated on the south Atlantic Ocean. The climate is generally temperate; however, it ranges from subtropical in the north, to sub-polar in the south. The map of Argentina can be divided into 6 geographical regions: the Pampas, or fertile lowlands, are located in the center and east; the Mesopotamia is a lowland region located between the Parana and Uruguay Rivers; the Gran Chaco is a hot, semi-arid region between the Mesopotamia and the Andes Mountains in the west of the map; Cuyo is the wine-producing, mountainous region east of the Andes; the Patagonia is a high plateau region in the south of the country; and, the Argentine Northwest makes up the rest, and is quite diverse.

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State form:Republic
Capital:Buenos Aires
Area:2.780.400 qkm
Citizens39,36 Mio.
Currency:Argentinian Peso
Time Zone:GMT-3
Telephone Country Code:+54