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Dear StepMap User,

We would like to describe to you the general terms and conditions when using StepMap and how the Maps may be exported (for web and print purposes). The main differentiation we make is between private (personal) users and business (commercial) users.

A private user would be someone creating a Map for a holiday trip or someone creating a Map to put on the wall at home. So basically, it's all those who create a Map outside of a business or commercial environment.

A business user would be someone who creates Maps for commercial purposes, e.g. for a presentation, a print version of office locations, for catalogues, newspapers or other professional web and print use cases. So it's basically when using Maps for work or business related purposes.

The following list displays the two user groups (private and business), the available features and related conditions. Business (commercial) users that require a large number of Maps can contact us directly to ask for discounted prices and conditions.

Why don't we show specific prices and licensing fees? Every client has different requirements. Some need many Maps, some need only a few. Some need them for print purposes, some for their websites, some for a quick presentation and so on. We try to offer tailor made licenses so ideally you let us know the number of Maps and the use case. Based on that we will be able to make the best possible offer.

Signing up with StepMap free free
Creation of unlimited number of Maps free free
Download / Usage
Embedding Maps to your website via StepMap Embed Code free On Request
Downloading Maps in 320 x 320 format (JPG) free On Request
Downloading Maps in 2560 x 2560 format (JPG) USD 5.99/Map On Request
Downloading Maps in Vector format (SVG file) Not available On Request
Premium Features
Adding links to Maps (Step 3 of Map Editor) USD 39/Account On Request
Using Maps without the StepMap Logo Not available On Request

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Please write to or call us from Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm German local time at +49.30.609825532.