What use cases are there? – Example 1: The Traveller

We have all been on a vacation before. Why not create a nice Map documenting your latest vacation route or the points of interest that you visited (or plan to visit)? You can customize your personal holiday or travel Map with individual colors, locations, texts, fotos and videos.

What is StepMap good for if I am a traveler?

  • Simple display of a route
  • Add all information (description, fotos, videos) per marker on the Map
  • Modify to your personal needs (e.g. fotos or background images)
  • Simple importing of Map into a blog
  • Can be saved and edited anytime afterwards
  • No programming required
  • No installation required
  • Free

Sample Maps, please click on the preview images to view larger version.

South Africa Travel Route
Travel Route Mediterranean Deluxe Tour

Create your own Map now

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