What use cases are there? – Example 4: The Teacher

Students and teachers today often work with computers and the Internet. New media such as computers and old media such as Maps come together in StepMap. The easy to use tool enables students and teachers alike to create informative Maps for any topic or subject. Typical examples would be geography, history or politics. But then again, Maps can be used to visualize basically any topic. Creating a Map is fun and easy - and it's free.

Important note for teachers:
Unter Aufsicht eines Lehrers ist es auch minderjährigen Schülern gestattet, Karten für den Unterricht zu erstellen. "Bedenkliche" Inhalte werden auf StepMap nicht angeboten.

What is StepMap good for if I am a Teacher or Student?

  • Approved Maps (no questionable content)
  • Free
  • Easy way to display specific topics within a Map
  • For Presenations, Tests and Workshops
  • Add all information (description, fotos, videos) per marker on the Map
  • Can be saved and edited anytime afterwards (e.g. saved as a template and the used again for creating new Maps)
  • No programming required
  • No installation required

Sample Maps, please click on the preview images to view larger version.:

Blank Map of Europe - Name the countries
South America
Group of 8 - G8

Create your own Map now

Additional information: