What use cases are there? – Example 3: The Editor / Journalist

Editors try to summarize and visualize a certain topic or story. Maps enable you to capture the essence and the core of any topic. Enrich your articles with high quality Maps and enable your readers to get a better overview of the story you try to tell.

What is StepMap good for if I am an Editor or Journalist?

  • No licensing trouble
  • Easy way to display specific topics within a Map
  • Add all information (description, fotos, videos) per marker on the Map
  • Customize the Map based on your corporate design (e.g. Map colors and size)
  • Can be saved and edited anytime afterwards (e.g. saved as a template and the used again for creating new Maps)
  • No programming required
  • No installation required

Sample Maps, please click on the preview images to view larger version.:

Corruption Index for Europe 2012
Nuclear Crisis in Japan
BP spill will hit us all

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