What use cases are there? – Example 6: The Fan

We all have our fields of interest or a hobby. If you want to visualize a certain topic you can use a Map to do so. Show the points of interest, add additional information like links, fotos or videos and customize the Map based on your personal requirements. Your favorite sports team? Create a Map with the away games and locations. Your favorite band? Create a tour map with the concert locations.

What is StepMap good for if I am Sports Fan?

  • Customized design based on your hobby or field orf interest
  • Add all information (description, fotos, videos) per marker on the Map
  • Can be saved and edited anytime afterwards (e.g. a Map with locations and results of your favorite sports team and their away games and scores, which will go on for a whole season)
  • No programming required
  • No installation required
  • Free

Sample Maps, please click on the preview images to view larger version.:

Super Bowl XLIV

Create your own Map now

Additional information: